Talkkia (Talcum Powder)


Talcum Powder absorbs moisture and helps to keep skin dry and smooth.


For external use for skin care. Wash and dry the skin and apply a thin layer of Talcum Powder to the skin.

– For sweaty feet, hands and armpits, under breasts.
– For babies’ skin when using diapers.

Make sure no Talcum Powder gets into child’s nose or mouth. Long-term use on mucous membranes (in genital areas) is not recommended.

Other tips for use:

– Apply a thin layer of Talcum Powder on your lips in order to keep lipstick in place.
– Avoid the friction of new shoes by rubbing a small amount of Talcum Powder on your feet.
– Cyclists and motorcyclists avoid blisters on hands by rubbing a thin layer of Talcum Powder on their hands or sprinkling it inside the gloves.
– If ants cause trouble, sprinkle Talcum Powder on their paths.




90 g jar

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