D-vita 10 µg Kids


Children need vitamin D for the growth

The skeleton and teeth grow and strengthen in childhood and adolescence. Vitamin D is an important element together with calcium for the formation of strong bones and teeth as it contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phoshorus, normal blood calcium levels, and maintains normal bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D contributes to the normal function of immune system (=body’s defense system against bacteria and viruses). Strong immunity enhances a child’s growth as well.

Vitamin D supplement is recommended for children all year round in Finland

In summer months, children get sufficiently vitamin D3 if they are exposed to sun light. Dietary sources of vitamin D3 are limited as it is only present in fish, egg yolk, fortified milk and dairy products and margarines. If a child does not eat fish or eats it occasionally, uses a small amounts of milk  or follows a vegetarian diet, a recommended amount of vitamin from a diet is impossible to reach, and a risk of developing vitamin deficiency is obvious.

In Finland children aged 0-17 years are recommended to take vitamin D as a supplement year round. Small children (0-2 years) should use a supplement of 10 µg, and children and adolescents (2-17 years)  should use a supplement of 7,5 µg. The supplement should contain a chemical form of vitamin D3 that is preferable to D2. D3 is natural form in humans and more efficient than D2 to raise the blood vitamin level.

A food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


1 chewing tablet per day. Tablet can be chewed or let slowly dissolve in the mouth. Ensure that the child can eat the tablet safely. Before supplementation, the intake of vitamin D from other supplements if used (f.ex. fish oil, calcium or multiple vitamin products) should be observed.


Daily dose 1 chewing tablet contains:
vitamin D3 10 µg


Sweetener (xylitol), pear flavour, cholecalciferol, emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

Vitamin D3 is originated from sheep’s wool fat.


200 tabl.

Made in Finland.

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