Equibalans E solution


Vitamin E and selenium are essential for the normal functions of the cell membranes. Vitamin E prevents muscle damage and protects the body against oxidative damage. Especially for training and competing horses. Selenium enhances the effects of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is also known as the breeding vitamin: the need for it increases during pregnancy and nursing. Protects from the effects of stress and betters the immune system. During training and competition season, during physical stress situations: prevents from muscle damage, betters performance and makes the recovery faster.


Muscles and joints, under high physical stress
Pregnant and nursing mares

Dosage ml / day

Foals   6 ml
Pregnant and nursing mares 10 ml
Riding horses  6 ml
Competition horses  20 ml

1 ml is 22 drops

Mix in with feed. Follow the dosing information. Keep away from the light in a room temperature.

Composition / ml

E-vitamin (DL-alfa-tocopheryl acetate) 70 mg
Selenium 0,02 mg

Water, DL-α-tocopherol acetate, sodium selenite, technological additives.

Pack size

1 liter bottle

Made in Finland

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