Equibalans Magnebalans


Magnesium is essential for the functions of muscles, bones and nervous system. In high physical stress situation horse looses magnesium with sweat and it can lead to magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium supplement is good especially for horses under high physical stress. Magnesium maintains normal functions of the nervous system and muscles. It is also said to calm down horses in stressful situations. Magnesium deficiency might cause restless behaviour and cramping.

The amount of magnesium that is needed is affected by the age of the horse, amount of physical stress, wether the horse is pregnant and quality of food. Growing foals and pregnant mares as well as horses that train a lot need more magnesium.


Muscles, especially when under high physical stess
Nervous system, horses that heat up quickly

Dosage / day

Trotters and riding horses 2-4 measuring spoons
Ponies 1-2 measuring spoons

1 even measuring spoon has approx. 2,75 g magnesium. Mix in with feed. Store in a dry space.


Magnesiumoksidi 100 %.
Magnesium 5,6 g/10 g.

Pack size

440 g jar

Made in Finland

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