In the vagina, there is naturally an acidic environment, which is described by a low pH value. The acidity is derived from lactic acid produced by vaginal lactic acid bacteria. Acidic environment restrains the overgrowth of other vaginal bacteria, as well as the growth of yeasts and pathogens.

Bacterial vaginosis and unpleasant vaginal discharge

Vaginal acidity can be shifted if the number of lactic acid bacteria reduces in the vagina. Low amount of lactobacilli and reduced acidity enable other vaginal bacteria grow to excess. This leads to disturbed bacterial composition of the vaginal bacterial flora, which is called bacterial vaginosis. The reduction of acidity does not cause mucosal inflammation but results in abnormal milky vaginal discharge with unpleasant smell. However, many women with bacterial vaginosis with low acidity do not notice any symptoms.

Gynolacta contains natural lactic acid which restores and maintains the normal acidity in the vagina. Acidic environment in the vagina maintains its normal bacterial flora and prevents bacterial vaginosis. Gynolacta can also be applied after the treatment of yeast infection to restore the typical acidity in the vagina.

Gynolacta is a medical device with CE-certification.


For the treatment of bacterial vaginosis: 1 vaginal tablet for 7 days applied deep into vagina at bed-time.

For the prevention of bacterial vaginosis:  1 vaginal tablet for 3 days applied deep into vagina at bed-time.

Read carefully the package information before use. Suitable for women at all ages. Can be used during pregnancy and lactation. If the symptoms get worse or continue after the 7th day of treatment, contact your doctor.


1 vaginal tablet contains:
lactic acid 50 mg

Other ingredients:
Calcium lactate, lactose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate.

Pack size

8 tablets

Made in Finland

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