Hot Honey Kids


Small children suffer from many common colds in a year, day-care children more often than children at home care. Finnish Käypä hoito-treatment recommendation recommends that honey can be given to children older than 1 year with flu for cough instead of cough syrup. Warm honey drink calms down coughing and helps to maintain fluid balance.

Hot Honey Kids, specially developed for small children, contains dried honey, vitamin C and zinc. The contents of vitamin C and zinc adjusted for small children contribute to the normal function of immune system. The immune system fights against viruses and bacteria that attack to our body.

Hot Honey Kids-drink has a mild honey flavour and is sweetened with natural fructose and saccharose. The light yellow colour of the drink comes from lutein derived from vegetarian source. A warm honey drink about a half an hour before bed-time gives a child a peaceful sleep, and a good uninterrupted sleep to parents too.

Food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy life style.


Children >1 year 1-3 sachets a day. One dose 30 minutes before bed-time. Empty powder of a sachet in a glass or a drinking cup, add 1-1,5 dl of hot water and mix well. Let the drink cool down suitable for a child to drink.


Daily dose contains:

Vitamin C 50-150 mg
Zinc 2,5-7,5 mg
Dried honey 564-1692 mg

Fructose, saccharose, honey powder (honey, maltodextrin), honey flavour, L-ascorbic acid, zinc citrate, colour (lutein).


20 sachets

Made in Finland

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