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Eight different vitamin B vitamins take care of the condition of the skin, coat and nails, the energy production of the body, muscle mass and the normal functions of the nervous system. Vitamin E protects the body (tissues, cells) from oxidative damage and thus promotes the performance of the dog especially during demanding physical performances. It also promotes the stress resilience of the dog.


Skin, coat, nails
Nervous system and stressful situations
Immune system


The solution is given once a day among the food.
• 1. Dose level: training dogs, agility and obedience 0.5 ml / 10 kg
• 2. Dose level: growth, breeding and nursing dogs 1 ml / 10 kg
• 3. Dosage level: long-lasting and highly demanding exercise e.g hunting and sled dogs 2 ml / 10 kg

Follow the dosage instructions. BE Balans is a very strong vitamin solution. The amount of vitamin intake should be taken into consideration when calculating the dosage.

1 ml is approximately 22 drops. Shake the bottle before use.


Vitamin E 30 mg / ml
Vitamin B1 2mg / ml
Vitamin B2 5 mg / ml
Niacin 10 mg / ml
Vitamin B5 10 mg / ml
Vitamin B6 2 mg / ml
Vitamin B12 30 μg / ml
Biotin 100 μg / ml
Choline 130 μg / ml

Additives: choline chloride, DL-α-tocopherol acetate, nicotinamide, dexpantenol, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sodium riboflavin 5-phostat, thiamine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, D-biotin, technological additives.

Packing sizes

100 ml and 1 liter

Made in Finland

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