Probalans Zincbalans



Zincbalans – zinc powder for dogs. Zinc maintains the well-being of the coat and skin. It is an effective aid for skin and hair problems, as well as dry pads and cracked nails. Zincbalans zinc powder is easy and safe to dose according to the dog’s weight with the measuring spoon in the package. Zincbalans can be given as a course during shedding and when preparing for shows. It is also suitable for continuous use, for example, as a zinc supplement to home cooked and raw diets.


To supplement home cooked and raw food
When preparing for dog shows
For dry pads
When shedding


Mix the powder with food.
Adult dogs and cats: 2 ml / 10 kg (1 measuring spoon 1ml /0.5 g) per day

Follow the dosage instructions. The amount of zinc obtained from food should be taken into account in the dosage. Can be used continuously. In severe skin or coat problems or deficiencies, the dose can be doubled for 4-6 weeks.

Store dry and at room temperature in a closed jar.


Zinc (zinc sulphate) 15 mg / 1 g powder

Maltodextrin, zinc, technological additive.

Pack sizes

120 g and 300 g jars which include a measuring spoon

Made in Finland

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