Unital Long Night 1,9 mg



Melatonin (called night hormone) is a hormone participating in the control of human sleep-wake cycle. It is secreted in the hours of darkness mostly by a small pineal gland in the brain. Melatonin secretion is low in the day time; it begins to rise in the late evening and reaches the highest level at midnight hours 02-04 am, decreasing again in the early morning hours.

The melatonin secretion varies with different age groups and among individuals. In adults, the rhythm of melatonin secretion remains unchanged but night-time concentrations continue to fall, and in the elderly there is no difference any more between night- and daytime melatonin concentrations.

Slow-release melatonin tablet

Unital Long Night tablets are different from ordinary tablets. A special formulation of Unital Long Night-tablet enables a slow release of melatonin in the stomach and gut. The tablet releases melatonin for 4 hours providing a longer night-time effect of melatonin than an ordinary tablet.

Melatonin contributes to the reduction of time taken to fall asleep

Melatonin prepares an individual for falling asleep. The hormone decreases the body temperature and alertness leading to typical sleepiness prior to falling asleep. Oral intake of melatonin has been found to be effective in alleviating to fall asleep that it is not due to any physical or psychological cause. In the elderly, too, melatonin alleviates to fall asleep, particularly in peole whose melatonin production is low.

Melatonin alleviates subjective feelings of jet lag

Jet lag symptoms arise by the disturbance in the body’s internal clock when flying across at least four time zones. Typical jet lag feelings are tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, fatigue and poor appetite. Flying eastward causes a longer jet lag than flying westward. Intake of melatonin during few days after the arrival at destination relieves symptoms and returns the body’s internal rhythm to normal.

The supplement is not for children under 18 years or pregnant and lactating women.

Food supplement is not a substitution for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


For falling asleep:
Adults: 1 tablet in the evening. Tablet is swallowed whole with water. Take the tablet for example at 8-10 pm.

For alleviation of feelings of jet lag:
Adults: 1 tablet in the evenings close to bed-time on the first day of travel and on the following few days after arrival at the destination.

The dose should be taken at the same time in the evenings because the effects of melatonin are achieved with precise timing. Take the tablet two hours after a meal and don’t drink alcohol before, after or concurrently with melatonin tablets.


Daily dose 1 tablet contains
melatonin 1,9 mg

Bulking agents (cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), melatonin, emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide).

Pack size

30 and 60 tablets.

Made in Finland

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