Vitabalans Register & User Policy


1. Data controller of the register

Data controller of the online service customer register document is:

Vitabalans Oy
Varastokatu 8
13500 Hämeenlinna
Y-tunnus: 0398964-3

Contact information: [email protected]

2. Purpose of the register and privacy policy

In this document we share the type of personal data that is being collected from our online services and how the information collected is being used. Privacy policy is important to us and we follow all applicable regulations about the usage of personal information data, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

3. Name of the register online service register

4. Purpose of processing personal data

Vitabalans uses the collected information to inform about current topics, to market their own products and to carry out the rights and responsibilities of the customer as well as the rights and responsibilities of controller of the register. The information is being collected in order to provide our clients with adequate and interest oriented communication. The information is also being used to ensure good customer experience and to improve our web sites.

Vitabalans does not sell or transfer personal data to a third party which means that the client does not receive messages from other companies based on the personal data given to Vitabalans. Vitabalans can use subcontractors and cooperation partners to process and store the information as well as in marketing that is used to promote Vitabalans.

5. Data stored in the register

The register can contain information from users that contact Vitabalans via internet services, provide adverse effect information and take part in sales or marketing oriented lotteries or competitions. Information can be used for customer service, communication about the competition and to notify the customers about winning.

If the person has given their consent the data can be used to promote products and to customer care and communication. Marketing authorization covers newsletters sent via email and all other direct marketing avenues as well as communication through social media where the customer has accepted connection to our online services. Personal data can be used to target direct marketing online and in social media like Facebook, YouTube and Google.

The register contains the following information:

  • Contact information (name, address, email, phone number)
  • Demographic information (age, profession, employer)
  • Information about interests
  • Consent information

6. Registers standard information sources

Vitabalans does not demand the customer to surrender personal data on our online services but it might be marked as a condition when taking a part in a lottery or in order to send a customer service message. Registers main source of information is the information given by the customer on Vitabalans Oy web site. Information can be added to the register from the register holder’s customer information system, contact information collected at exhibitions and other events, from publicly available internet sources and from other possible public sources of information.

7. Surrender of personal data

The data controller of the register does not release personal data to third parties. Vitabalans can use subcontractors and cooperation partners to handle and store the information as well as in marketing that is used to promote Vitabalans.

8. Erasure of data

Personal data contained in the register can be erased from the register upon customer request or due to the ending of the customer relationship. Personal data used for marketing purposes will be deleted if the customer unsubscribes from the newsletters mailing list.

9. Data protection policy

Personal information will be stored as confidential. Vitabalans Oy’s data network and the equipment in which the register is located have been secured with personal usernames and passwords as well as firewalls and other necessary technical procedures.

10. Right to erasure

Revision or correction request can be done by contacting registers data controller via email. Data subject who wants to revise or delete their information has to identify themselves in a secure way to Vitabalans Oy. Data subject has a right to forbid Vitabalans from giving up their information, handling the information for direct marketing, using the information for distance selling or for other direct marketing purposes. Personal information used for marketing purposes will be deleted if the customer unsubscribes from the newsletters mailing list.

Web site terms of use

Internet is an open network that is accessible for all. Information exchanged between service user and Vitabalans can end up to other users. Vitabalans follows current information protection laws as well as handles the information with caution.

When user visits or signs in to online services provided by Vitabalans some information is automatically collected and registered to their servers log, including IP address and movement on the web site. Vitabalans can use this information for the following purposes: to provide the service user with products and services that interest them, to contact the users and in order to conduct researches and do reports.

Additional information regarding cookies

We use cookies on our web sites. An HTTP cookie (web cookie, browser cookie) is a small piece of data that a server sends to the user’s web browser. The browser may store it and send it back with the next request to the same server. We used it to recognize the users that visit our web sites frequently. Information collected from the cookies helps in the development process of the web site and web shop and makes using the sites more comfortable. The information collected is only used by Vitabalans. Cookies can be turned off from the browser setting.

Vitabalans can use Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other similar services. By using the Vitabalans web site you accept that the services in question can use the information gathered about you during the site visit for the purposes mentioned above.