Vitamin D is an important vitamin for the development of strong skeleton and teeth. It contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phoshorus and normal blood calcium levels. Therefore, vitamin D has a significant role in maintaining normal bones and teeth. In addition, it contributes to the normal function of immune system (=body’s defense system against bacteria and viruses) and normal muscle function.

In summer vitamin D3 is sufficiently formed in the skin when the skin is exposed to sun light. Dietary sources of vitamin D3 are limited as it is only present in fish and egg yolk as well as fortified milk and dairy products and margarines. If consumption of fish is less than 2-3 times a week, consumption of milk is low or someone follows a vegetarian diet, the recommended amount of vitamin D from the diet is impossible to reach, and development of vitamin deficiency is obvious at every age.

A supplement supports a sufficient vitamin D intake
The body stores of vitamin D, that are produced during summer months, are sufficient not longer than until September-October. Therefore, use of a supplement is recommendable during autumn and winter to increase vitamin intake in addition to the intake from food. In Finland children and adolescents (0-18 years), the aged (>60 years) and pregnant and lactating women should use a supplement year round.

Adult’s daily dose can vary from 10 µg to 100 µg in order to reach a sufficient blood vitamin D level. The dose depends on the age, sun exposure, skin pigmentation, fat tissue and bone health.
The highest observed safe daily intake level of vitamin D from all sources is (EFSA 2018):
– Adults 100 µg
– Adolescents 11-17 years 100 µg
– Children 1-10 years 50 µg
– Children 6-12 months 35 µg
– Children 0-6 months 25 µg

A food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


For adults 1 chewing tablet a day. Tablet can be chewed or let slowly dissolve in the mouth.

Before supplementation, the intake of vitamin D from a diet and other supplements (f.ex. fish oil, calcium or multiple vitamins) should be observed.


Daily dose 1 tablet contains:

D-vita 100 µg: vitamin D3 100 µg
D-vita 50 µg: vitamin D3 50 µg
D-vita 30 µg: vitamin D3 30 µg
D-vita 20 µg: vitamin D3 20 µg


D-vita 100 µg, 50 µg and 30 µg in strawberry-raspberry flavour:
Sweetener (xylitol), cholecalciferol, emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), flavour (strawberry, raspberry).

D-vita 100 µg and 30 µg in pear flavour:
Sweetener (xylitol), flavour (pear), emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids),  cholecalciferol.

D-vita 20 µg in salty liquorice flavour:
Sweetener (xylitol), liquorice powder (ammonium chloride), emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), cholecalciferol.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is originated from sheep’s wool fat.

Always check the product information on the packaging.


D-vita 100 µg: 200 tabl.
D-vita 50 µg: 200 tabl.
D-vita 30 µg: 200 tabl.
D-vita 20 µg: 200 tabl.

Made in Finland

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