Equibalans MSM-balans


MSM-powder has organic sulfur which is essential mineral for horses. Sulfur acts as a building material for joints and cartilage and maintains good modility. MSM is also used to treat acute pain. Especially for horses under high physical stress. Easy to dose and mix in with feed.


Maintaining muscle health
Joints, especially with other joint supplements
Inflammations and muscle pain

Dosage / day

•    Horses  1-3 measuring spoons (10-30 g)
•    Ponies 0,5-1,5 measuring spoons (5-15 g)

Measuring spoon = 10 grams of MSM


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), anti-caking agent (silica).

MSM 10 g/mtl, 995 g/kg
Sulfur 34 %
Crude protein 0,3 %
Crude fiber <0,1 %
Crude fat <0,1 %
Ash <0,1 %
Moisture <0,1 %

Pack size

600 g jar

Made in Finland

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