Hirvensarvensuola (Salt of Hartshorn)


Salt of Hartshorn, also known as baker’s ammonia, is a leavening agent that was originally made from hartshorn oil. Nowadays, salt of hartshorn is chemically produced. It contains ammonium carbonate.


Salt of Hartshorn is used as a leavening agent in baking pastries, especially in some traditional recepies.

Other tips for use:

– Starting a new aquarim

– Protecting berry bushes from birds:
One sachet (30 g) of ammonium carbonate is divided into three 0,5 l bottles filled with water. Bottles are then digged in the ground between the berry bushes so that the liquid can evaporate freely from the bottle. Evaporating liquid with its odor keeps the birds away from berry bushes. Human cannot smell the odor.


Ammonium carbonate.

Chemically produced, not of animal origin. Store at room temperature, tightly closed.


Sachet 30 g

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