Sitruunahappo (Citric Acid)



Citric acid can be utilized at home in a number of ways. It is an efficient and ecological cleaning agent for removing hard water stains and limescale. Citric acid and its salts are naturally present in many foods, especially in citrus fruits. Therefore, it is also used as a preservative (E330) in fruit and berry preserves.



When the dishwasher is empty, dose 30 g (2 tbsp) citric acid into dishwasher detergent dispenser and start a washing program at +60–65 °C.

Laundry machine:
When the laundry machine is empty, dose 100 g (1,3 dl) citric acid into detergent dispenser and start a washing program at as high temperature as possible without pre-washing. Once the program has finished, immediately start the same washing program again using powder or liquid detergent to remove the deposit from the machine.

Coffee machine:
Dissolve 25 g (less than 2 tbsp) of citric acid in 0,5 l of cold water. Pour the solution into the water chamber, start the machine and let about half of the solution run through the coffee machine into the pot. Then turn off the machine and leave the solution in for 30 minutes. After that, turn the machine on again and let the end of the solution run into the pot. Rinse off the citric acid by filling the water chamber with clean water and running the brewing cycle. Repeat rinsing 2–3 times.

Water boiler:
Boil 0,5 l water in water boiler. Dissolve 25 g (less than 2 tbsp) of citric acid in the water. Leave the solution in for 15 minutes, and then pour the solution off. Boil clean water in water boiler 3 times to rinse off the citric acid.


Dosage in fruit and berry preserves is max 2 g/kg, in juice max 12 g/kg. Citric acid is dissolved in water and added to the final product.


Citric acid (Acid.citr.monohydr.)

Pack size

50 g and 100 g

Made in Finland

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