NaFDent solution 0,5 mg/ml


NaFDent is a fluoride containing solution for mouth rinse. Fluoride supports healthy tooth enamel and fights against the bacteria that cause dental caries. NaFDent solution is tasteless and contains no flavouring agents. Not for children under 5 years of age.

NaFDent is an EC-certificated medical device.


Mouth is rinsed with NaFDent solution once a day, preferably in the evening before bedtime. Before rinsing with NaFDent, brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth with fresh water. Then rinse your mouth with 10 ml of undiluted NaFDent solution. Swish the solution around in your mouth for about 2 minutes. The solution should not be swallowed. After rinsing your mouth, it is advisable avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes.


Aqua, alcohol, sodium fluoride, methylparaben, sodium bicarbonate, propylparaben.


Bottle 500 ml

Made in Finland

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