Nenä Suola


In nasal irrigation, nasal cavity is flushed with saline solution to remove irritants, such as mucus and debris, and to moisten nasal mucous membranes. Neti pots are commonly used for this practice. Also saline solution is needed for nasal irrigation. The solution is easy to prepare using sea salt and fresh, clean water.


Dissolve one sachet of salt (2,7 g) in 300 ml (3 dl) of warm water. The solution is 0,9 % saline solution recommended to nasal irrigation. Pour the solution in neti pot and flush the nose by following the instructions of the neti pot. If necessary, nasal irrigation can be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


Fine sea salt 99,8 %, anticaking agent natrium ferrocyanide E 535.

Pack size

20 sachets

Made in Finland

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