Xylitol pastilles



Dental health is improved by good mouth hygine, regular meals and avoidance of sugar-containing snacks. In addition, tooth brushing in the mornings and evenings belongs to everyone’s daily tooth care.

Xylitol is sugar polyol, which bacteria in the mouth are not able to fermentate and utilize for energy. When xylitol is taken after meals, it has been proven to protect the teeth by increasing secretion of saliva and by decreasing formation of tooth plaque. The efficent dose is no less than 5 g per day.

Xylitol pastilles can be recommended to people of all ages. For children the most critical ages to use pastilles are about 1 year when they are teething and at 5-13 years when permanent teeth are developing. Xylitol pastilles are also beneficial for parents of small children and for people suffering from dry mouth.


1–2 pastilles after every meal and snack. Let the pastille slowly dissolve in the mouth, for at least 5 minutes. Don’t chew pastilles.


1 pastille contains:

xylitol 530 mg (97,6 %)


Sweetener (xylitol), emulsifier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), flavour.

Pastilles are available in three different flavours: strawberry, pear and banana


150 pastilles.
Container 700 g.

Made in Finland

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