Probalans Collagenbalans


Powder with collagen and vitamin C to support healthy joints and mobility in dogs.

Collagen is an important component of joint cartilage. It functions to strengthen the structure and gives cartilage a cushioning effect. Collagenbalans contains high quality PETAGILE® collagen, which has been studied in several clinical trials in dogs. Results from these studies showed that the oral administration of PETAGILE® collagen stimulates the production of new cartilage matrix. In addition to PETAGILE® collagen, Collagenbalans contains vitamin C, which is essential for the synthesis of collagen in cartilage matrix.

Collagenbalans is recommended especially for elderly dogs to contribute activity of life and for active dogs to optimize joint health.

If needed, complete Collagenbalans with Jointbalans, MSM-balans and Omegabalans. With separate supplements the dosage of active ingredients can be adjusted to meet the dog’s individual needs.


Powder is mixed with feed.

Dosage / day

1 g of powder / 5 kg.

Dogs ≤10 kg: 1 measuring spoon (2,5 g)
Dogs 10-25 kg: 2 measuring spoons (5 g)
Dogs 25-35 kg: 3 measuring spoons (7,5 g)
Dogs >40 kg: 4 measuring spoons (10 g)

Recommended to be given at least for 12 weeks. Can be used continuously. The intake of vitamin C from diet must be considered in the dosage.

1 measuring spoon = 5 ml = 2,5 g

Composition per 2,5 g

PETAGILE® collagen 2,45 g
Vitamin C 50 mg

Pack sizes

Jar 250 g, includes measuring spoon.

Made in Finland.

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