Probalans Pectbalans



Dog’s intestine might react to changes in feeding and it might lead to stomach problems or diarrhea. The amount of lactic acid bacteria increases in the intestine and take over space from unwanted bacteria. Pectin protects the mucous membrane of the intestine. Can be used in response to a need or at all times for dogs with sensitive intestine (mix in with the food).
Good for puppies when they are changing to solid foods. Recommended when on antibiotics. Powder dissolves quickly into a small amount of water. Tasteless and scentless, easy to dose with the spoon that comes in the packaging.
450 g is enough for a mid-sized (25 kg) dog for approx. 2 months


Abdominal and intestinal tract
For puppies and mother dogs when weaning from milk
Changes in feeding
To support the gut when on antibiotics


Dogs 1 measuring spoon/10 kg. One measuring spoon corresponds 5 ml = 3 g.

The powder is mixed with feed once a day. Can be used in cycles or continuously. If necessary, the recommended daily dose can be doubled. The powder dissolves into water and can be sprayed directly into the mouth of small puppies.

Store in dry place at room temperatute, and keep the container closed.


maltodextrin, glucose, chicory inulin 10%, pectin 1%, E1707 Enterococcus faecium (3.5×108 CFU / g)

Pack sizes

180 g and 450 g jars

Made in Finland

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