Biotiini Forte granules


Biotin Forte granules are a perfect product for horses and even-toed ungulate that have cracking hoofs, flaky skin or weak coats. It is excellent to use for 4-6 weeks when the animal is shedding. This makes sure that the new hair grows strong from the beginning. In the case of hoof problems, Biotin Forte granules are recommended to be used for 4-5 months. The product is also suitable as a continuous addition to the horse’s diet.


BIOTIN: accelerates the formation of keratin

ZINC: essential for skin cell renewal, increases the formation of collagen and elastin

METHIONINE: It acts as a source of sulfur. Keratin needs sulfur.

Dosage g / day

Horses 2 measuring spoons
Cows 1½-2  measuring spoons
Calves ½  measuring spoons
Pigs ½  measuring spoons
Dogs (n. 20 kg) 1/5 measuring spoons

When the animal suffers from hoof problems the granules are recommended to be used for 4-6 months and with skin problems for 4-6 weeks and repeated if needed.
NOTE! Biotin Forte granules differ from the composition of Biotin Forte tablets. There is a lot of zinc in the granules compared with the tablets. We recommend tablets for small animals due to the risk of overdose of zinc.

One even measuring spoon is 8 g

Composition / 100g

Methionine 25 g
Zinc  2,7 g
Biotin 0,1 g

Glucose, DL-methionine, zinc sulphate heptahydrate E 6, D-biotin, technological additive.

Pack size

600 g jar

Made in Finland

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