Equibalans ADE solution


ADE – ensures that a sufficient amount of vitamins are gotten especially when the horses mainly eat pre prepped food. Long stays in the stables and the darkness of the winter season are factors that lower the amount of vitamin D that the horses are able to produce. Every horse benefits to have ADE added to their food during winter season and if they use blankets around the year.

Vitamin A makes the immune system stronger and helps the skin and mucous membranes to work more sufficiently.
Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus that builds up to the bones and so has an effect on how the bones are developed. During the darkness of the winter horses cannot produce the amount of vitamin D they need.
Vitamin E is nick named as the muscle vitamin and it is especially useful for training and competing horses. Vitamin E helps muscles to recover from harsh stress. Selenium enchances the effects of vitamin E.


Muscles and tissues
To support metabolism
Bone and growth
Supporting fertility and hormone activity

Dosage / day

Foals 2 ml (or 15 ml once a week)
Nursing or pregnant mares 4 ml (or 30 ml once a week)
Riding horses 4 ml (or 30 ml once a week)
Competition horses 5 ml (or 35 ml once a week)
Keep away from light store in room temperature.


Vitamin A 11000 ky / ml
Vitamin D3 1100 u / ml
Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700) 40 mg / ml
Selenium (sodium selenite E 8) 0.02 mg / ml

water, technological additives

Pack size

1 l bottle

Made in Finland

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