C-jauhe (C powder)



Tasty vitamin C powder for guinea pigs, dogs and horses (pack size for horses 500 g). Guinea pigs do not produces vitamin C on their own and it has to be added to their food daily. Vitamin C can be mixed in to their drinking water or given as a powder e.g. on top of a cucumber. Guinea pigs need vitamin C approx. 20mg per day.


Mixed in with feed. For guinea pig the powder can be added on top of vegetables.
Guinea pigs ¼ tl/day, pregnant ja sick ½ tl/day
Dogs ½ measuring spoons/10 kg
Horses 2½-5 measuring spoons per day

table spoon is 3 g
measuring spoon is 12 g


Ascorbic acid 35 mg/g, glucose

Pack sizes

90 g jar for guinea pigs
500 g jar for horses, dogs and guinea pigs

Made in Finland

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