Probalans Calciumbalans


Getting enough calcium is important in every stage of life. Calcium acts as the building material of teeth and bones and the lack of calcium can lead to cramps, bone defects and osteoporosis. The need for calcium increases in highly straining activities and when there are injuries to the bones.


To supplement regular home fed foods and raw food diet
For bones and teeth
To support the healing of fractures according to the vet’s instructions

Dosage / day

• Adult dogs 3 g/10 kg (3/4 measuring spoons)
• Growing puppies, pregnant or nursing females 6 g/10 kg (1 1/2 measuring spoons)

1 measuring spoon is 4 g


95% calcium carbonate, 5% maltodextrin.

• 1 measuring spoon 1368 mg
• 1 kg 342 g

Pack size

300 g jar

Made in Finland

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