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Safe and easy to use vitamin D supplement for dogs.

Now the dogs have their own vitamin D supplement! D-balans powder is easy and safe to dose in the dog’s food according to it’s weight and individual need. Odorless and tasteless powder dissolves in moist food or water.

D-balans complements raw dog food diet as, in practice, meat or vegetables contain no vitamin D at all. Vitamin D is needed, for example, in calcium and phosphorus absorption, and it also regulates the calcium release and binding to bone. In addition, vitamin D has important functions in muscles, pancreas and placenta.

The overdose of vitamin D is harmful, so follow the instructions for dosage carefully and take into account the overall amount of vitamin D in the dog’s diet.


To complement raw and home-cooked dog food diets. The powder is mixed with dog’s food.

Dosage / day

Dogs under 10 kg: 1/2 measuring spoons
Dogs over 10 kg: 1 measuring spoon for each 10 kg bodyweight

The overall amount of vitamin D in dog’s diet must be taken into account in the dosage. Suitable for contiunuous use.

1 measuring spoon = 0,5 g

Composition per 0,5 g

Vitamin D 100 IU (2,5 µg)

Ingredients: maltodextrin, vitamin D, technological additive.

Pack size

Jar 40 g or 160 g, includes measuring spoon.

Made in Finland

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